Lose 10 pounds without sports and diet – fast and without starvation?

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You want to lose 10 pounds, but hates to do sports? Have you had any bad experiences with dieting, for example, that you started to gain weight right after that?

Then read this sentence aloud: “I want to lose 10 kilos without exercise and diet!”
Phew. But you have a very luxurious wish !!

Some people will say that this is a pretty lazy attitude, but if there was a way to fulfill that wish, lose 10 kilos quickly and healthily without dieting, we would probably all have access to it. Others will simply shake their heads and think that such a thing is withheld only from those who “have it in their genes”.

How can I lose a lot of weight very quickly?

How fast the kilos tumble without sport, is up to each individual. With a healthy and balanced diet, the metabolism is stimulated. The largest customer success without sport can be achieved with a permanent change in diet. Having a healthy and balanced diet will have a tremendously positive effect on your metabolism. The fat metabolism, the protein metabolism, the sugar metabolism and the energy metabolism is stimulated and maintains a natural balance. Thus, the extra pounds tumble quickly and without sport.

Losing weight quickly without exercise and starvation is possible through a simple diet change and a little more exercise in everyday life. No special diets or training plans are required to get rid of excess pounds. With the following tips for healthy nutrition, the metabolism can be boosted, whereby a natural balance can be achieved.

1. Eating more good protein: Ready-made red meat products such as salami or bratwurst should be avoided. Instead, foods such as sea fish or vegetable protein such as peas or beans should be eaten.

2. Less Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates should, if possible, only be consumed in the form of whole grains. White flour products should be avoided as they deprive the body of vitamins and minerals.

3. More good fat: In the food industry there are good and bad fats. The bad fats include oils from plastic bottles as well as fried foods. These should be avoided because they receive large amounts of trans fatty acids, which are considered to be particularly harmful to health. Instead, olive or linseed oil should be used. It is also very good for losing weight without exercise.

4. Fresh fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain healthy fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals with powerful antioxidants. Anyone who consumes 600g of fresh fruit and vegetables daily can also lose weight without exercise.

5. Before the meal Salad: Colorful salad with a dressing of olive oil and vinegar saturates and provides important vitamins, minerals and fiber.

6. Organic spices stimulate the metabolism: pepper, chilli, turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper stimulate the metabolism and ensure rapid fat burning.

7. Fresh garden herbs: Garden herbs are rich in vitamins and phytochemicals, which ensure a balanced metabolism.

Losing weight fast without exercise and dieting is one of the best weight loss tips: movement. It is about integrating as much exercise as possible into everyday life. Active musculature stimulates the metabolism in a variety of ways, which speeds up weight loss and pounds even more quickly. It is quite easy to integrate more exercise into your daily routine. This works best with the daily housework.

Window cleaning consumes 83 calories in just 15 minutes. Instead of the elevator, the stairs should be taken, because climbing stairs with a calorie consumption of 125 Kcal. in 15 minutes to book.
In the household and in everyday life, the pleasant can be combined with the useful, so that losing weight without exercise and diet is quickly possible. It does not matter how many calories are consumed per minute. It is rather important that the metabolism is stimulated with different types of movement and the fat burning is stimulated.

Losing weight fast without sports and tablets can not be achieved just by exercise and diet. Who avoids sodas and instead drink a lot of water or unsweetened teas, will achieve a rapid consumer success even without sports. Lemonades are one of the biggest “hidden” thickeners of our time. With a daily minimum of 2 liters of water or unsweetened tea, the metabolism can be increased by 30 percent, as proven by scientific studies. In addition, a lot of sugar is saved, which is converted into fat in the body.

Blood sugar fluctuations and the associated cravings do not occur in such a high degree. Lemonade dispensed with reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems or diabetes. In addition, the kidneys are flushed by the water, which have to do much work with the resulting metabolic toxins by losing weight.

If you want to lose weight quickly without sports and tablets, you should generally drink more fluids. The less water is drunk, the less fat is burned by the body.


Lose weight, easier said than done !

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Lose weight, easier said than done

I was never a big fan of gyms or diets, but unfortunately I’ve been struggling with my pounds for years, so I reluctantly tried a lot: I started jogging and gave up soon, I signed up for an expensive one Studio and did not go down after a few weeks, I tried tens of diets from journals without success. Somehow, that was not for me. I simply did not have the motivation to keep going and I realized that I would like someone to train me at home and make sure I stay on the ball. Was this all changed by my making you light and easy ( weight loss ) experiences?

Since a personal trainer for me is too expensive and therefore out of the question, I rummaged a bit on the Internet and found to run a program from home with little time and effort.

I combined the diet weight loss program with some very helpful components these are about starting into a “lean, relaxed and active life”. It’s about learning to relax and to be in harmony with yourself. The individual goals are to be achieved through the various program components:

With gymnastic and yoga exercises and a good, healthy diet you should be able to achieve your weight goal.
But who thinks now “the few minutes” Yoga are not exhausting. I was surprised how sweaty some of the exercises can be. But without sweat no price, as they say!

A detox program and nutrition concept based on the latest scientific findings and medical recommendations should ensure that one gets well and feels good.

Also a relaxation meditation program is helpful. It should help you to switch off properly and to find the “inner and outer balance”.

After only about ten days I had set up a routine for me, i integrated the weight loss program into my everyday life. Fortunately, this succeeds very easily, because, as I said, all exercises can be done at home and the recipes are very suitable for everyday use.

With myself I could determine after the end of the ten weeks of training a minus of about 8 kilograms and I’m really satisfied. Just when I think about how many times I’ve given up in my previous weight loss attempts and then frustrated after a loss of at most 2 to 3 kilograms, the result impressed me all the more.

How to lose weight fast

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What other options exist for detoxifying the body when losing weight?

For a detoxification cure, it is not only useful for you to take appropriate substances and plenty of fluids to you. Likewise, a detoxification can also be carried out from the outside over the skin. The reason for this is that the skin is our largest metabolic organ. Accordingly, a permanent exchange of many substances takes place through the entire skin pores.

This also includes toxins, which should be reduced when losing weight. A diet that releases more toxins out of the body can clog the skin’s fine pores. Thus, pimples or other impurities, which can lead to an partially ugly skin surface.

A detoxification from the outside can best be done by using a nice warm bath. Here you should use bath water additives such as sea salt or soda (baking soda) to effectively detoxify the skin. You can also add tomato juice to the bath water to start detoxification. The reason for this is the many minerals in the three named bath additives, which pull the toxins out of the skin cells (osmosis).

You can also choose to have a moist, warm liver wrap. For this purpose, all you have to do is heat water in a pot and put it in a hot water bottle. Subsequently, a towel can be immersed in the remaining warm water. After the towel has been wrung out, it must be placed on the region of the liver (under the breast). Then you should still pack the hot water bottle on the towel to reach a higher temperature.
This wrap must be worn by you for at least 30 minutes. If you then support the liver wrap with a drink, such as the lemon juice cure, you can expect a quick detoxification. Some users report a cleansing “diarrhea” that can last the whole day. Accordingly, you should treat yourself to a lot of rest and time on the day of the liver wrap. Thus, your body can regenerate as well as possible.

Dieting in combination with detoxification has been proven to provide better long-term success in most people than a simple diet. It can be specially named that you can prescribe yourself again and again detoxification cures in order to stop in this way the yo-yo effect.
The reason for this is that with few toxins in the body, no fat pads must be built to store the harmful substances. Accordingly, you will not increase much after the diet. Finally, it should be mentioned that you will feel more comfortable in general. This is not only because of the reduced body weight, but also because of the lower percentage of harmful substances in your organism.

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Detoxify the body:
If you want to lose a few extra pounds through a diet, you should always take measures at the same time for a detoxification of your body.
The reason for this is that the fat deposits in the human organism also serve as storage places for toxins and neutralized acids from digestion.

If you’re going to empty those fat deposits and dissolve the fat cells through your diet (which is certainly your goal in weight loss), the toxins that are bound will be released. This can cause your whole body chemistry to get confused, which can negatively affect your well-being.

However, if you detoxify your body in addition to the diet, the body chemistry can be supported, so you can feel comfortable losing weight.
It should also be mentioned that detoxification can help you lose body weight faster.
The emptying of the fat cells and the aforementioned release of the toxins bound in them can in the worst case lead to headaches, tiredness, body aches or even digestive problems. Add to that a strong irritability and a listlessness that makes you forget your diet plans quickly. This circumstance is reinforced by the fact that after a few days of successful diet, the pounds simply do not seem to become less. Often it is not easy to continue to find the motivation for the diet.

All these “symptoms” and consequences are caused by the release of the toxins. This includes that these substances sit down in other areas of the body, such as the brain, the digestive tract or the joints and here trigger the said problems. In addition, our body protects us from excessive “poisoning” by significantly less fat cells are emptied after a few days in the diet than at the beginning, which then again means that you lose no more weight accordingly. If you detoxify your body while dieting, all of these issues can be significantly reduced. It also ensures that you can be successful on a regular basis by permanently losing weight.

Weight loss and Detoxifying


Detoxify the body – what is especially important in this process?

Regardless of which formulas or methods you want to use or detoxify from your body, in any case, it is crucial to consume plenty of fluids during this process. Of course, it makes sense to drink water that has no sugar or other ingredients that have a negative effect on the diet.

It is also possible for you to use tea (without sugar) or light juices for detoxification. If possible, you should take at least three to five liters of fluid per day. In this way, the toxins are simply flushed out of your body, also the work of the digestive systems and the liver and kidneys is optimized.

A sure sign that your detoxification is working is a strange smell in the excreta. This indicates to you that the toxins are flushed out of your body and can do no more harm here.

A body detox recipe is the lemon juice cure, which is also often referred to as the “Master Cleanse Diet”. With this cure, your body should be gently detoxified in 10 days. Studies have proven the accuracy of this statement, so that the lemon juice cure is quite useful for you.